NaPoWriMo: Day 4


I lasted one day.

This has to be a record even for me. I’m motivated, nonetheless. And although I’ll probably end up Arthur Shappey-ing my way through this month, as long as I have 30 (if not more) poems to show by the end of it, I’ll be happy!

I’m going to try and write 3 poems today, and day four was a great place to start since I love the prompt(write about the cruelest month). So here it is!

This particular poem comes from the fact that I will be meeting the person I was in love with (and who was my best friend) in December and I’m already anxious. I am afraid that I’ll start feeling how I used to and even more afraid that I might not.

day 4

(AND I just realized that everything seems to have jarring romantic overtones. Not that romantic overtones are bad, it’s just slightly disconcerting for me to write all this stuff in the current mental state that I am in. It’ll probably fade away in a bit. At least that’s what I’m hoping)


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